Career Transition – LinkedIn Releases new feature called “Career Explorer”

Career Transition – LinkedIn Releases new feature called “Career Explorer” - Paul Allen Career Coach


Linkedin just released a very cool feature. It’s free and I am very impressed by the analytics used to suggest possible jobs that fit an individual based on their prior job skills.


The path to a new job is not always clear. There are jobs that are a great fit but might seem out of reach, while others career options you have the skills for and you are unaware of these options. Linkedin is now putting the power of LinkedIn data in your hands: uncover potential career paths to see how your skills match to real job titles. Career Explorer takes the overlapping skills which are found in a variety of careers and illuminates how your skills could be found in other careers. This tool is a wonderful aid in making a goal for your future career.


Check out this link:


Use this tool to help you find possible job transitions, based on LinkedIn insights into skills similarity.


Enter your most recent role to see the transitions you could make. Linkedin will show you skills you already have in common with those jobs and the skills you may need to build, along with open jobs that are available in your region and an easy way to connect with LinkedIn members who might be able to help you in your journey.


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