Best Career Test: Highlands Ability Battery

Best Career Test: Highlands Ability Battery - Paul Allen Career Coach

As a student, there are so many questions to answer about the future. What to do after high school? What to do after college? Is a four-year college education even necessary? The answers to these questions determine what types of commitments that a person must make to truly find a future. So how does someone begin to find their answers? They use a tool that can determine their strengths and guide them into a career tailored to them. The Highlands Ability Battery is that tool.


The Highland Ability Battery Overview

The Highlands Ability Battery, or HAB, is truly the best career test for many reasons. It is an extensive inventory of what a person is best at. This three-hour internet-based test is a series of timed performance-based work samples. Test takers are able to take the HAB anywhere there is a reliable internet connection and are provided clear instructions for each work sample. With 19 work samples in all, the assessment has participants complete activities which takes any objectivity out of the results. Every work sample represents a different reasoning ability from Classification to Spatial Relations Visualizations.


Taking the Test

The HAB work samples measure an array of natural abilities which include three hearing-based abilities, which can identify musical abilities. Each timed work sample lasts between 5-10 minutes. When the clock stops it marks the end of a particular subject. The entire test can be taken in one sitting or separated over time. A great feature of this test is its lack of objectivity, everyone takes the exact same work samples.

Getting the Scores

A participant’s percentile ranking scores provide an accurate assessment of their ability level for each work sample. There are over 12,000 scores in the HAB database which are continuously checked and updated. Detailed results are provided and then interpreted by a Highlands Certified Consultant. Many times, that consultant may be a Career Coach or Advisor.


Understanding the Results

HAB reports are tailored to each client. The report provides scores, definitions, and interpretations of each person’s ability. These customized reports describe the influence of the combination of a participant’s abilities. With the report comes what a Highland Consultant calls a “debrief.” The debrief is a chance for a consultant to sit with a client and truly break down the role of natural abilities in decisions making. The consultant will also differentiate ability from skill and the influence from interests. Understanding all of these different components really helps a person to understand how a person handles themselves in every situation.



With the Highlands Ability Battery, the sheer amount of time that a client spends in the test, the amount of detail in the results, and the tailored debrief is unrivaled by other aptitude tests. Any test taker can feel confident that their scores are extremely accurate depictions of their natural abilities. Unbiased on every level, the HAB results empower the participants in so many ways.


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