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Paul Allen SiLITSKY

Principal and Founder of Paul Allen Career Coach

For over 30 Years, I have been hiring, mentoring, and leading employees in careers that they love. After building a start up from three to 3,000 employees, I further honed my leadership expertise with a fortune 50 company. Using my super powers of leadership, mentoring, and sales, I went on to build a talent acquisition firm in the tech space that became the largest of its kind. People and their happiness have always been my core business.

As with every success story, my path was not always smooth. During my time as CEO Of An executive search firm, I lost the ability to speak due to a rare neurological disease that affects the vocal chords. Forced into silence for nearly two years, I turned to mindfulness and meditation, even opening my own studio in miami beach. As the chief chill officer, I found a much greater awareness of the present, further improving my listening skills and deepening my compassion for others. Thankfully, my voice is fully restored – So I can share my experience and expert coaching with you. I will be your partner in transforming your future with the Paul Allen career code, my holistic proprietary approach to harnessing your super powers and putting them to work at a job you love.

Paul Allen Career Coach - Executive and Career Coaching


One-on-one career counseling for six months:
transform your future HERE by doing what you love
Discover your super powers
Utilize “gold standard” of assessments to create your personal brand and match your talent DNA to your career possibilities
Crack your career code
Deliver personal, one-on-one mentorship to define your ultimate strategic plan and maximize your interview results
Land the job of your dreams
Master the interview process, choose from different offers, and get the job you truly want

Work ONE ON ONE with Paul Allen

As a client, you will have direct access to your career coach, Paul, throughout the entire process for six months of career coaching that is high tech, high touch, and transformational.

Your career path = SOLVED.

Career Counseling: It’s your life, do what you love

Your alarm clock is ringing. Do you hit snooze again, or are you actually excited to start your day and get to work? Nobody wants to settle for a dead-end job where you feel out of place, out of touch, and painfully uninspired. You could burn out: or you could be ignited by a job you love.

You will spend over 90,000 hours – potentially more than half your life – working. Your future and your happiness are at stake. You’ve invested in your education; now it’s time to invest in your future with a career coach who will teach you the life long skills intrinsic to being valued, successful, and happy. Your career transformation — through mentorship, proven assessments, expert interview techniques and hiring strategies — will help you land the job of your dreams. You cannot put a value on that.


“Paul is a leader with vision, heart, and a strategic mind.”

Shelly Tygielski

Founder, Pandemic of Love Community Organizer,
Self-Care Activist,
Trauma-Informed Mindfulness Teacher
VISUAL: Shelly on the cover of Mindful Magazine

“I can humbly say I would not be where I am today if it had not been for Paul’s natural ability to recognize my talents even before I could.”
Juliana Gomez

Real Estate Property Manager

“Paul provided the fundamental tools, education and guidance I needed that helped me become confident and successful. He helped me find my Super power.”

Heather Lawrie
Coram CVS/Specialty Infusion Services

From possibility to reality: Career counseling transforms your search

The Paul Allen Career Code transforms your job search by identifying your Super Powers and working with the whole person. By slowing down to speed up, you will engage in a uniquely mindful approach that employs the art of mining your passions and the neuroscience of motivation to move you towards your goals. This proprietary coaching process will unlock your full potential and convert you from just being another candidate . . . into a hot commodity.

Paul has helped hundreds of clients land jobs they love!

Some of the companies, our clients have landed jobs at:

"Paul has a knack for helping individuals understand what drives them, and what motivates their soul.  If you are considering a career change or at the early stages of beginning your career, Paul can help you connect the dots."

– Rebecca Bamman

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