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What if you could work with a Career Coach who is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council and a meditation and mindfulness expert?

The Result: Landing a job that you will love!
Paul’s Super Powers

Growing up in New York City, not far from Wall Street, I knew I wanted to be an executive – but I didn’t exactly know what that would look like. After graduating from the School of Business at Baruch College, I landed a very respectable job as an accountant with a small accounting firm. Hard working and well paid, I trudged to work each day and gained the respect of my colleagues and upper management. Successful and on track for promotion, I realized something was missing: happiness.

I did not love my job. I was not using my super powers. So I quit.

I quickly took stock and started knocking on the door of the head of sales at ADP daily. Having no background in sales, I was rejected repeatedly. But my persistence and my super powers ultimately paid off. Using my exceptional communication skills, I was able to express my passion and desire to be in sales. I went on to become ADP’s top salesperson, leading a sales force of 75 people. As I hired new sales people, nurturing, mentoring, and inspiring them, I realized another super power. I was not just an excellent sales person and expert communicator, I was a respected leader, and I know talent when I see it.

After 10 years at ADP, I was offered a position as VP of Sales for a small start up home health care company in Florida. It was unchartered territory; a brand new business model with only three employees. With clarity and confidence, I took the role knowing it would tap into all my super powers. Eight years and 3,000 employees later, I learned yet another super power: I am an entrepreneur, having built one of the most respected home health care companies around.

My next venture was to start my own talent acquisition firm, answerQuest, in the tech space. As the founder and CEO, I built the largest technology and sales recruiting firm in the country, winning “best places to work” 12 times. From entry level to top executives, I placed thousands of candidates in some of the country’s most well known companies. I was doing what I loved: working with and mentoring people and that’s why I was so successful.

Struggle + Success = Mindfulness

As with every success story, there is struggle. During my time as CEO of answerQuest, I lost the ability to speak due to a rare neurological disease that affects the vocal chords. Forced into silence for nearly two years, I turned to mindfulness and meditation, even opening my own studio in Miami Beach. As the Chief Chill officer, I found a much greater awareness of the present, further improving my listening skills and deepening my compassion for others. The experience taught the life lesson of slowing down to speed up.

Thankfully, my voice is fully restored – so I can share my experience and expert career coaching with you. I consider mindfulness to be one my greatest super powers as I am fully present to work one-on-one with my clients to help you find a job you will love.

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“I am passionate about bringing more meaning and inspiration into people’s lives.  I am honored to share that journey with you.”


“Paul was my first mentor. He was the high bar from which all others would be measured. He listens, he evaluates, he strategizes…and then he teaches. This is all done with your input and he creates a team concept where the goal is for everyone to win.”

Albie Speranza

“As a leader Paul was very attentive with one-on-one trainings, and always offered support and coaching personally and professionally.”

Brandon Berry

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“Paul is a leader with vision, heart, and a strategic mind.”

Jeff Levick

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