Discover Your Hidden Talents

Identify your SUPER POWERS based on proven, comprehensive personality and career assessments that employ gold standard practices. Knowing your natural super powers = landing the job you love to live work happy.

Utilizing the most respected and proven assessment tools , including the Highlands Ability Battery, and the Kolbe assessment.

We identify your superpowers, your natural unique talents and how you work best and “in Flow”. Then we can identify the best careers that match your Unique Talents.

WHAT WE DO: I have seen dozens of assessments throughout my 18 years as an Executive Recruiter, these two are the best for career discovery. More than 1 million people have utilized these assessment tools to understand their natural super powers.

  • Highlands Ability Battery (3 hours-On line), the most comprehensive overall talent assessment in the market today. The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) is a human assessment tool that objectively measures your natural abilities by asking you to perform specific tasks or exercises. As part of the Highlands Whole Person Model, the HAB is the foundation and starting point to identify the career best suited for you.
  • The HAB is unique in that it measures your abilities based on performance rather than perception.
  • Your results are revealed in an individual analyses report of more than 30+ pages.
  • I will personally guide you through your reports, and help identify potential careers, and work roles that would be a good fit given your natural abilities and the roles to stay away from.
  • Kolbe Conative Assessment (20 mins. -on line).
  • Kolbe measures your instinctive way of doing things and the result is called your MO (Mode of operation). It is the only validated assessment that measures a person’s conative (an inclination as an instinct, a drive, a wish, or a craving to act purposefully) strengths. Gain greater understanding of your own human nature and begin the process of maximizing your potential.
  • You will discover the freedom to be yourself and learn to stop doing things that do not work for you.
  • You will learn how to focus your time and energy to be more productive and achieve your goals.
  • Passions and Gifts survey- by answering 12 interactive questions, you will remember what you are passionate about.
  • Includes 4 hours of one on one review of results and what they mean to you specifically.
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Brand Your DNA

Working one-on-one, we prepare your professional tool kit with expert resume, cover letters, social media, Linked in messaging, voice mail, personal statement, and elevator pitch to help you stand out from the competition.

Your Tool Kit includes:

    • Resume Review and revisions
    • Linked In review and revisions
    • Social Media audit
    • Voice Mail Review
    • Professional References compilation
    • 15 second “elevator” speech
  • Resume Review: We work together to review your resume layout and content.
    Most Hiring Authorities take less than 15 seconds to review your resume. By creating a compelling resume, we increase our odds of catching their attention and thus leading to more interviews.
  • Linked In Review: Like your resume, we review your linked in page in detail. We want to make sure it matches the key dates and your content from your resume and is speaking to accomplishments…. and since “Linked in Headline” only gives us 120 characters, getting it right is so important. It is the first place most hiring authorities go, so we want your linked in profile to be dynamic, and compelling to catch the attention of hiring authorities, leading to more interviews.
  • Social Media Review: We review your Social Media footprint Including Insta and Facebook and any other social media where you are active on. Just about every employer will review your social media posts and pictures and because of this, one picture can cost you the interview and possibly the job offer.
  • Voice Mail review: We create a voice mail that is simple and professional, so we are not hurting ourselves and instead helping when hiring authorities call us.
  • Professional References: Its important to have a one pager of References that can be sent when needed at a moments notice.
  • Create a compelling 15 second “elevator” Pitch: Mastering what you say in 15 seconds so you are communicating in a concise and powerfully memorable way!
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Develop Your Campaign

Together, we create your individual, customized strategy and step-by-step plan to get you the interviews you want with the companies you want to ensure your career success and happiness.
  • Linked in Mastery – I will teach you how to leverage the incredible power of Linked in so you connect with the influencers and Decision Makers. We need to stay away from Automated applicant tracking systems and Human Resources and get to the decision makers.
  • Linked in Messaging – Customized authentic templates that you can plug in that capture the attention of our targets and get responses.
  • The subtle and effective art of Networking that gets you responses by targeting the contacts you already have on Linked in, Facebook, and other social media outlets.
  • Developing your Target list of Dream Companies using linked in.
  • Identifying the jobs on Linked in that you want and then connecting with the influencers that get you call backs.
  • Daily Customized action planner using the latest technology to keep you disciplined, organized and accountable to your plan, so you get results.
  • We meet weekly for 6 weeks via zoom – all sessions are recorded for your review.
  • Note: We are in this together. In addition to our weekly zoom calls, I am always available via text, phone, and email.
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Prepare, Practice, Master

Role-play, mock-interviewing, rehearsing until you can’t get it wrong! Together, we master the art of interview skills, providing you with the type of confidence and clarity that leads to job offers. No stone unturned, nothing left on the table: every aspect of the interview is covered in the process.

“We are in this together for up to Six months- you will be empowered, and excited about your Interviews, because you will be prepared”

Professionally turning the tables, negotiating smart, being selective, and identifying how you fit into the culture. This is not just a job; it is your dream job; together we determine if this is the right career path and uncover the psychological shift of power to make you the decision maker. These are lifelong skills that you will reap the benefits for the rest of your Career.

  • Interview Prep: “Fail to prepare, Prepare to Fail” …everything you need to know to prepare for the Interview. How to review and really understand the Job Description in advance, match your skills to the job requirements, company research, researching your interviewer/s, company culture, knowing where to go to get employee ratings of your future company, and much more. By thoroughly preparing prior to the interview, you put yourself in the best position to stand out from other candidates, so you move on in the process. Think of “Shark Tank”, you want to get the offers, same for interviews.
  • Mock Interviewing/role playing: I have interviewed thousands of candidates, so together we will comprehensively rehearse the interview, prepare our strategy such as types of questions you will definitely get, how to answer behavioral based interview questions, practicing listening skills, responding under pressure, trick and or tough questions. In addition we will reinforce what to bring to the interview, what to wear, follow up questions that you ask to establish respect and credibility and more important qualify that you want to work for this company. Using the power of mindfulness to be present, active listening, staying calm, and focused, compensation questions, what not to ask on the first interview, how to use the words that show your confidence at the end of the interview and so much more.

    It’s all about separating and distinguishing yourself from the competition, so if you want to, you move on in the process, you can. Together, I will put you in the best position to show up authentically.

  • Post Interview and Follow Up Strategy: Together we thoroughly dig into and breakdown the entire interview and discuss what went well, didn’t go well, roleplaying the questions that didn’t go well to master them next time, length of interview, questions, culture fit, how did we end the interview and close for next steps, and so much more. In addition, we will determine what our follow up plan looks like and draft the messaging to our Interviewers that distinguishes us from our competition.

    By thoroughly analyzing the interview together and the Follow up strategy, we put ourselves into the best position to not only improve from our experience, but determine if we want the position, and land the job if we want it.

  • The Offer; accepting or turning it down: First and most important is to decide if the position aligns with our values, skills, and our career plan. Then together we discuss the details of the offer including compensation, start date, benefits package, etc.. Most importantly, we will discuss whether to accept the offer as is or professionally renegotiate or turn it down without “burning a bridge”

    Utilizing my experience of reviewing thousands of offer letters, non-disclosures, and non competes, we will ensure that we are taking the offer for the right reasons; that it is the right position for the long term. Will we be happy? Is the offer package fair and much more.

  • New employee on boarding is the process of successfully integrating into your new company and its culture, as well as giving you the advice and mentoring to become a productive member of the team. We dialogue around what to expect the first 30 days, discuss best practices, manage expectations, avoid the most common pitfalls and awkward situations. You will feel confident on how to put yourself in the best light professionally and culturally.

Looking forward to being your Coach, advisor, and true inspiration during our journey together!

Paul Allen

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Land The Job! Live. Work. Happy 🧡

Professionally turning the tables, negotiating smart, being selective, and identifying how you fit into the culture. This is not just a job: it’s your dream job; together we determine if this is the right career path and uncover the psychological shift of power to make you the decision maker. These are life long skills that transform your future.


The gold standard of career coaching.

Personal, Professional, and Passionate

Paul’s Whole Person Model empowers you to make career and life decisions based on a foundation of knowing your natural abilities. The method is both high tech and high touch. Throughout the six month coaching process, you will benefit from Paul’s 30 years of experience in developing talent, mentoring employees, and leading companies from inception to success. Paul has worked with thousands of clients, helping them land dream jobs in prestigious companies and cutting edge industries. His proprietary methods, innate understanding of motivation, and mindful approach provide YOU with the tools to live work happy.

Paul has helped hundreds of clients land jobs they love!

Some of the companies, our clients have landed jobs at:


“Working with Paul has always been a pleasure. He encourages me to think outside the box and guides me to work within a space where my values are aligned and my strengths are utilized.”
Jen Todd

Morgan Stanley

“Paul will ask the tough questions and urged me to learn about myself even when I didn’t know there was still more to learn. He is authentic and his depth of experience is invaluable! “
Stephanie Weiss
Credentials Solutions
“His contacts and knowledge for making connections in any field are immensely helpful. With his guidance and know-how, I was able to make the needed connections to secure a job in a new field.”
Andrea Lubell
Lubell Group, Inc.

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