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Best Found Traits of the Best Version of You.


Career coaches work with their clients to work on becoming better versions of themselves. There are many components of your personality which define you. From being independent to modest, there are many traits that career coaches work with to highlight or improve. Career guidance services are capable of finding the most positive traits in you. Career experts have researched some of the healthiest personality traits in the clients they help. These traits have helped people both in their personal and professional life.


Healthy Traits


Openness to feelings is a trait that is found in healthy people. People with high levels of openness are more open to positive emotions. Career guidance service coaches have found that clients who are open to all opportunities and have really positive outlooks on possible careers. Being an open person, career experts have seen people respond much better to stressors. When it comes to career searches, stress is obviously going to be a component. The ability to stay open to the process and be ready for change is crucial to finding a career perfect for you.


A healthy person has been described as someone who can both love and work. In today’s fast-paced world, it can feel like it is genuinely hard to make connections. Career coaches have identified that when people have warm personalities they make a large impact on those who they meet. In a career hunt, those first impressions are critical to getting the career you want. Another trait which career coaches find that helps people in both their careers is optimism. A positive attitude makes tasks easy to handle, people easy to converse with and it helps clients to reshape common stressors. Overall, being open and positive are traits of healthy people.


Working to Be the Best Version of Yourself


Career experts have found that clients with great traits are very secure with themselves. People with high levels of self-esteem have a solid foundation when it comes to finding the career they want. They are more likely to be open-minded, can understand the criticism, and will have a high level of clarity about what they need to work on. Career guidance services work to help people become the best version of themselves. Career Coaches have made a list of other traits that have really benefitted their clients:


  1. Straightforwardness
  2. Competence
  3. Altruism
  4. Activity
  5. Openness to Values
  6. Tender-Mindedness
  7. Dutifulness
  8. Gregariousness
  9. Self-Discipline
  10. Order
  11. Achievement
  12. Deliberation
  13. Openness to Aesthetics
  14. Assertiveness
  15. Trust
  16. Compliance
  17. Openness to Ideas
  18. Modesty


Overall, working with an expert to find ways to improve yourself can lead to finding a career. Being open and optimistic will help both in your career search and in your professional life.


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