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Through the process of working with a career mentor, you are working to look within to improve yourself. Taking an aptitude evaluation as a baseline, it obviously leads to examining weaknesses. Career experts help to guide you in taking an inward study of your traits to truly evaluate how to improve. After meeting with a career coach, surveying yourself is both natural and productive. Career mentors are there to help you navigate self-improvement.


Looking Inward


By examining weaknesses through an aptitude test, you have a scientific explanation of where your strengths lie and where you are struggling. After taking that information in, you will have a more complete picture as to what to work on. This may also lead to you evaluating what to work on day to day. For example, perhaps you have to work on communicating with people. This may lead you to work on this skill in your interaction with family or friends. A career advisor will be a great resource on how to improve many weak areas and traits. They act as a sounding board to help improve your weaknesses.


Asking Questions

Through improvement it is important to ask yourself questions about your traits:


  • What do I need to work on?
  • How can I fix these weaknesses?
  • What support do I need to make the right changes?
  • How will I implement these changes in my life?


Finding the answers to these questions will provide a large amount of information about you and how you handle many situations. Coupled with the new insight from aptitude testing, you can work with your career coach to find the best career options for you.



Feeling Unnatural

As funny as it may sound, feeling unnatural is natural. When it comes to improving yourself in any aspect of life there will be times that you feel uncomfortable. A career coach is familiar with the reluctance that comes naturally from a client assessing themselves. During a mock interview, you may fumble through an answer. There is going to be a career option that you do not know everything about and must research more. The exclusive attention which you receive from a career mentor provides a strong measure of support in becoming a well-rounded candidate for any job or educational opportunity.


Give Yourself a Break

The process of working on yourself can be stressful at times, especially when it comes to hopefully finding a career. It is important to stay positive and upbeat about your development. In many cases, you may be trying something you have never tried to do before. Any improvements that you are making is an accomplishment. Along with the comfort that you have a career mentor who is there to support you through the entire process, allow yourself grace with each achievement.


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